Claire Papin Voice Demos


Whether you are working on a documentary, audio book, e-learning project or a commercial spot, you need a professional voice over artist who captures and sustains your audience with fresh, engaging energy ...

The world is listening, let your message be heard

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ClairePapin Narration Demo.mp3 ClairePapin Narration Demo.mp3
Size : 2262.941 Kb
Type : mp3

Apps & e-Learning      

ClairePapin eLearning Demo.mp3 ClairePapin eLearning Demo.mp3
Size : 2099.084 Kb
Type : mp3


ClairePapin Commercial Demo.mp3 ClairePapin Commercial Demo.mp3
Size : 1384.799 Kb
Type : mp3

On-Hold & IVR     

ClairePapin OnHold IVR.mp3 ClairePapin OnHold IVR.mp3
Size : 1505.207 Kb
Type : mp3

 Please visit again to hear updated demos for:

                     UK English and Irish Dialects